SchoolPRO2 Main The new SchoolPRO is a completely redesigned application which merges the best of SchoolPRO with the great interface and server technologies now available.

The broad functionality provided by SchoolPRO has been maintained and enhanced in this new release.

The completely redesigned interface looks great and will provide significant productivity improvements. We are also taking great care to reduce the learning curve for existing users by ensuring the core processes remain familiar. Yet, at the same time, we will be making SchoolPRO easier to use for everyone.

Here are some of the key features of SchoolPRO:

  • The Microsoft Office style ribbon bar provides an attractive and simplified method of accessing the hundreds of SchoolPRO2 features.

  • Work from the office or home in a fully functional rich client application.

  • SchoolPRO has taken triggers to a new level. Sending the principal a summary report at 9am every day and an alert when a student is truant are just two of many things that can be done with triggers.

  • A new tabbed design makes working with multiple windows across multiple modules a breeze.

  • Navigation sidebars make understanding the flow of operations easier and clearer.

  • Access to the SchoolPRO support website is available from within the application.

  • A redesigned report manager makes it easier to find the report you need. Plus a fully featured custom report builder allows the user to edit and build their own reports.

  • Dockable windows allow the user to arrange their work environment the way they want it.

  • Data migration for existing SchoolPRO clients will be complete and easy.

  • User selectable skins. An interface colour scheme which you find attractive is always more enjoyable to work with.

  • SQL Server Database Backend. The new SchoolPRO runs against the latest version of SQL Server, a powerful database server that delivers high levels of performance, availability and security.

  • Three-tier Design. Sitting between the SQL Server database and the client is a Business Object Server. This server provides numerous benefits including significantly improved scalability (multiple Business Object Servers can communicate with the one SQL Server database), security and performance.

  • Rich Client interface. The new SchoolPRO has a familiar rich graphical user interface of desktop applications like Microsoft Word and Reckon Accounts™. This provides significant functionality and productivity advantages over current web applications.

  • Designed for the Web. Although SchoolPRO is a rich client application, it runs over the internet just like a web application. This provides the user with the best of both worlds.

  • Client Side Caching. When data is retrieved from the server it is cached locally, thus avoiding multiple unnecessary round trips to the server. This reduces the load on the server and the network and improves performance. It is especially helpful when working over the web.

  • Active Directory Integration. SchoolPRO allows single-sign-on when attached to the school's domain. Once a user is signed into Windows, SchoolPRO uses that authenticated detail to automatically sign them in. Users can also be allocated permissions in SchoolPRO based on their membership in Active Directory groups.

  • Multi-Campus Structure. We have put enormous effort into developing SchoolPRO to handle multi-campus or multi-school installations. This provides schools with the ability to completely isolate data between campuses, share data between schools, and allocate specific permissions to users based on campus.

  • Fine Level Security. SchoolPRO provides fine, record-level control of database records.

  • Improved Security Management. The process through which permissions are assigned to modules, forms and reports has been overhauled, making it easy to allocate permissions to users.

SchoolPRO2 Support Screen

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