SchoolPRO2 demo software is not available as a download for trial purposes. If you wish to trial the software please contact a SchoolPRO representative.

The following files are available for download.

 To download the current relevant install, update and upgrade files visit the links below

  • Registered users can download these files in order to update their system to the latest version.
  • version 6.4 (NOTE: This version uses the new OCX file as updated during a windows update in August 2012. If doing a client only install make sure Custom is selected when installing and the server files are unselected otherwise your existing data will be LOST)

 RPTS@Home module

  • Download the latest version of RPTS@Home here if you are using SchoolPRO version 6 or higher.
  • This is the Rpts@Home module which enables you to work at home on the reports you have checked out at school. More information...
  • Download a zip file containing the Rpts@Home tutorials for use off line.  Sadly, Internet Explorer throws up the ActiveX security message each time you start a tutorial.  This site shows how you can stop that:

 SP Launcher

SP Launcher is a .NET application that enables the easy updating of SchoolPRO2 client files across a network.   More information...

Download a zip file containing all the files needed to install SP Launcher.  For:

NOTE: Included is a readme file that contains all the instructions needed to setup SP Launcher.


 MS Word Report Writer templates

 Label Templates

 Stored Queries

NOTE: After clicking the above link you will be taken to our online help manuals where you will see a list of Search results on the left hand side of the screen.  Click on the desired link to see the available stored queries.  The Stored Query will then be listed in the right hand panel of that page.

 ID Photos

NOTE: The SP ID Photo converter will copy and rename the photos you select so that they will appear in SchoolPRO attached to the correct entity. SchoolPRO links photos to entities using the internal system number of the entity. eg. If John Smith's internal system number is 153728 then his photo would need to be named 153728.jpg

 Web Interface

  • Registered users can download the SchoolPRO2:
  • The Web Interface is mainly designed for Teachers and Parents to use.
  • Admin staff would still need to use the standard SchoolPRO interface to add and maintain families, addresses etc